Sample Computer Science Paper On Biometric Security System

Homework Question on Biometric Security System

  1. Go online and find 2 articles on biometric security systems for individual computers. For example, small biometric devices can be added to notebook PCs, and ensure that only the computer’s authorized user can access the system.
  2. Based on your research, would you purchase such a security device for your own computer? Why or why not? Summarize your findings in a brief 1 page answer.

Homework Answer on Biometric Security System

Biometric security systems refer to automated software that is installed in a device to identify individuals through measuring their behavioral and physical uniqueness and matching them with those already in the record. Biometric systems make use of features like facial and fingerprint identification, iris and voice recognition, and DNA identification among others. This system of security has provided a better basis for safeguarding most devices against unwanted users who may tamper with various information(“Synaptics Releases Small Area Touch Fingerprint Sensor for High-end Mobile Devices”).

Most computer and electronic related manufacturing companies are including biometric security devices in their devices as one way of maximizing safety against unauthorized persons. For instance, most recent Smartphone and tablets contain natural identification fingerprint sensors that enable the owners to unlock the devices and carry out their operations without any risk of being exposed to unwanted persons.

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According to its suitability and effectiveness, I can buy the biometric security devices for my computer. This is because the security system provides an accurate and positive form of authentication. Unlike the traditional security systems like the use of passwords, I cannot forget the verification of these systems as it involves a feature in my body. According to various reports, these systems are cost effective as they cut down the expenses of maintaining passwords more so in my business (“Biometric Access Control & Fingerprint Identification Solutions, Biometric Security Systems”).