Sample Computer Science Paper On 5G Wireless Systems/ Mobile Networking

Homework Question on 5G Wireless Systems/ Mobile Networking

  1. Find two sources of information related to an emerging technology(5g Wireless Systems/Mobile Networking) in the computer science field.
  2. You may find your source material in written form (newspaper, magazine, newsletter) or electronic form (TV, radio, online).
  3. Prepare a 5-minute presentation for the class. Introduce yourself and your topic, then describe the topic and how it relates to computer science.
  • Make sure to cite your sources of information.
  • Your presentation may include a presentation board, handouts, or a PowerPoint slide show. What is it? How is it emerging? How it works?

Homework Answer on 5G Wireless Systems/ Mobile Networking

Teachers and fellow students, today’s society has been transformed by the technological advancements, It is not uncommon to come across many people with cellular phones or tablets making calls, using the internet to receive news updates, watching videos, or interacting with their pals through social media sites. While doing this, these people are using a mobile data system. Majority of these applications, mainly video, utilizes plenty of bandwidth.

Therefore telecommunications firms all over the globe are considering an upgrade to the most modern generation of mobile data that will assist in increasing the speed of various mobile apps. This latest generation is known as 5G system which is a 5th generation wireless system. According to Bhalla and Anand, it represents the next major segment of mobile networking standard beyond the present 4G system (12).

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As Bhalla and Anand predicts, the latest 5G technology for mobile systems will most likely come to realization around the year 2020 (13). The current condition of the 5G network for mobile systems is much in the early growth phases. A lot of companies are trying to look for those technologies that may possibly be employed to become component of the system. Additionally, several universities have come up with 5G study units that are concentrating on developing 5G technology.