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Homework Question on Spread of Misinformation and Rumor through Social Networking in Saudi Arabia

  1. What are the present social networks?
  2. What kind of information can be categorized as rumors and misinformation?
  3. Why are the rumors so much common in social media?
  4. What is the position of the media professionals?
  5. What are the possible ways of curbing misinformation and rumors in Saudi Arabia?

Homework Answer on Spread of Misinformation and Rumor through Social Networking in Saudi Arabia

Large volumes of unverified information are being distributed currently through social networks (Emirates 2014, Para 16). The rate of social networking in Saudi Arabia is increasing as much as the rumors. The objective of this study is to find out the extent of research in the spread of rumors and misinformation in Saudi Arabia. This study also seeks to highlight research gaps present in this field.

The study seeks to offer solutions to the present challenge in social media in this region and reviews the present literature on the misuse of social networking in Saudi Arabia. Summary of the present literature, which has been published, is summarized and gaps in the existing literature identified. In collecting information, the study will apply secondary methods of data collection, such as the use of website sources, books, articles, and journals, which have been published. Finally, the study will offer new contribution to this field.

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There has been increased use of social media in Saudi Arabia over the recent past. This has been enabled by the increasing use of advanced technologically friendly devices such as smart phones. This big revolution in the media industry has made it easier for more people to own social accounts, such as the Facebook and the Twitter. These social media are not going through any verification process to publish information.