Sample Computer Science Essays On Database Programs

Homework Question on Database Programs, Professionals, and Certifications

  1. Use the internet and research the various database programs, and then list them in a word processing document.
  2. Also research the jobs for database professionals, What skills are necessary for these types of jobs?
  3. Is training and certification available? List examples of training and certification programs. provide references

Homework Answer on Database Programs, Professionals, and Certifications


Data base programs refer to the computer softwares that are used for the purposes of managing data (O’Brien and Marakas, 2005). They are used in creation of data, entry of data, updating data and query of data information. These programs include:

  • Access(Jet,Msde)
  • Adabas D
  • Adaptive Server Anywhere

Jobs for Database Professionals

  • Database analysts
  • Database administrator
  • Database developer/architect
  • Database engineer

Database Administrator

Excellent knowledge of database systems

Higher accuracy level and pay attention to details

Good problem solving and organizational skills

Ability to beat deadlines and to work under pressure(O’Brien and Marakas, 2005)

Data Analysts

Good communication skills

Critical thinking

Attention to details

Good math skills(O’Brien and Marakas, 2005)

Database Developer

Critical thinking

Good problem solving skills

Good communication skills

Ability to work under pressure and within deadlines(O’Brien and Marakas, 2005)

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Training and Certification

The database training includes database administration, database development, database analysis, database programming, and Microsoft maintenance among others. The certification in database include: Amazon web services, Ayaya, business analysis certification, Cisco certification, Citrix certification,  cloud professional, Cloudera, compTIA, security certification,EMC,ITIL/ITSM, Juniper, Microsoft certification, networking and wireless, project management, Red Hat, salesforce, virtualization, VMware, VoIP & Telephony certification (Janacek and Snow,1997).