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Homework Question on Data Communication and Computer Networks

  • A very challenging issue in IT industry is wireless security. Because of the specific technical principles involved in building a wireless network, the security problem needs a special type of approach.
  1. What are the security issues with wireless LANs and WANs in a data processing environment? What are the recommended solutions to the issues identified? there are two parts in this question and the answer for each part should be one paragraph
  2. What are the security issues with Wireless telephony? What solutions were implemented if any to address those issues?
  • There are two parts in this question and the answer for each part should be one paragraph  Please answer these question

           Homework Answer on Data Communication and Computer Networks  


Networks are prone to threats. It is important that security measures be considered to ensure a safer computing environment. This is because there are threats, which may compromise the wireless network structure consisting of network components such as access points, dhcp server and the medium, through which the radio signals are used to carry the wireless signals.There are security issues such as weak cryptographic mechanisms, such as the wireless equivalence privacy (WEP) that can be compromised by some downloadable tools.

This shows that the authentication process can be bypassed and may lead to a cryptography attack (Swaminatha & Elden, 2003). On the other side, in a Wide Area Network, data may suffer from eavesdropping during data transmission across the public network, hence exposing confidential information because routing involves different routers having different security configurations.

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However, the security issues can be solved by using large encryption mechanisms such as the Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol (LEAP) to enforce and harden the authentication and encryption process, and implementing tunnel security such as a virtual private network technology to secure and encrypt data transmitted across public networks.