Sample Computer Science Essays On Artificial Intelligence

Homework Question on Artificial Intelligence

  • Alan Turing wrote his seminal paper on “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” in 1950
  • ( This spawned many years of research on what became known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Consider the world today. How do we interact with AI every day? What tasks have we assigned to AI programs? What impact is AI having on our lives? Who are the biggest users of AI? Now consider AI in the future. Stephen Hawking has been quoted as saying “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”.
  1. Why does he think this?
  2. What do other scientists say? What do you think?
  3. Is AI something that we should be pursuing or do we need to put limits on how far we can go?
  4. What are the benefits and risks?
  • Each page should have at least one source, and you can use more source that  you need in the writing. And could you send me the link of the source.

Homework Answer on Artificial Intelligence

Anti-competitive behavior involves practices that are carried out by businesses in order to reduce, prevent or alter competition to affect trade. The behaviors include fixing prices on their goods and services, rigging bids, dividing customers and limiting or preventing production or supply. In high tech industries, there has been a tussle of war over the competitiveness of the products and services that they offer to the consumers.

This competition to market their products comes in because the products and services offered hold similar features and characteristics hence sometimes ideas are borrowed across companies in order to remain relevant to the current trend. This brings in tag of wars over patent and ownership issues, which are challenging to solve the cases due to the complexity and issues guarding the technology environment. There have been fears amongst the high tech companies over the employment strategies that each company uses.

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Most companies use anti competitive means to hire and retain employees whereby they get into an agreement as different companies that are meant to avoid employee compensation and mobility. The agreements reached that strangled competitiveness engage terms that include no solicitation, no hiring, no cold calling and no poaching among other anti competitive terms. Such events lead to less competitive labor market, employees compete for employers rather than employers competing for employees.