Sample Computer Science Essay Summary on How the Internet has Changed the World Culture

How the Internet has Changed the World Culture

Over the years, various aspects of the world have changed immensely. The internet is considered to be one of the factors that have influenced world culture to a large extent. The impacts of the internet on world culture are immense and go beyond expectations. The major impact of the internet on world culture has been felt through dating (Michael, 1997). In the previous periods, dating mainly involved face to face communications and sending of letters which took a lot of time. However, the invention of the internet has led to immense changes in this aspect. Many people nowadays participate in dating through reliance on social media sites. The ability to send messages over minimal time expanses has made dating easier. In addition to this, the culture of education has also changed immensely. Previously, people learnt in the physical classroom set up. However, internet has made learning more accessible as people can attain their degrees by undertaking online courses.

Other impacts of the internet have been felt on communication and on businesses. In the communications aspect, the shift in culture has been from the traditional letter and face to face communication models to the more contemporary use of social media. The social media is increasingly being used by people in communication. Accessing distant relatives and friends has become the norm through the use of social media platforms that are cheaper and easier to access. In the business context, the trend towards online shopping from the conventional physical shopping has been driven by the internet. As a result, businesses have become more profitable. On the negative side, the uncontrolled accessibility of information caused by the internet has changed the culture as people gain access to any information that satisfies their soul (Voiskounsky, 1998).


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