Sample Composition Essays On The influence of Immigration to United States

Homework Question on The influence of Immigration to United States

  1. Please use three points to write the research paper.
  2. The three points are economy influence, cultural influence, technology influence. As for economy influence write both positive and negative effects.
  • Do not use fancy words and sentences.

Homework Answer on The influence of Immigration to United States


America is proud to be a region marked with immigrants from various parts of the world. This study finds out the impact immigration has had on America. The study focuses on the economic, technological, and cultural influence. The economic impact contains both positive and negative reactions. The thesis of this study is that immigration has played a big role in America.


Immigration has played a key role in the economic and cultural growth of America. Out of around 60 million residents, a fifth of the population is from immigrant background. previously they came in large numbers seeking for refuge and political liberty. The high numbers brought great controversies and discrimination. It was also blamed for the American challenges. These resulted to introduction of immigration policies, which controlled the number and the kind of immigrants streaming in, in America (Bernard, 490).

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Immigration policy is an approach of reunification and part of the American dream. Spanish settlers were among the first immigrant to North America. The French and the English settlers followed them in the 16th and 17th centuries respectively (Bernard, 487). This movement brought free and agreed labor as slaves were imported from Africa and the Caribbean. Although immigration has been continuous all through America, there are two main periods when majority of the immigrants traveled. These are the periods 1880-1924 and after 1965.