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Homework Question on Racial Profiling in the United States of America

  • Analyze the social issue with argumentative strategies for logical fallacies, assumption, key definitions, and various forms of evidence.
  • Therefore, a strong thesis statement is essential. Supporting information will be used to defend this thesis utilizing critical thinking skills by analyzing, comparing, critiquing, and synthesizing information pertaining to the topic.
  1. Critically analyze written, spoken, and visual arguments for argumentative strategies, logical fallacies, assumptions, key definitions, and various forms of evidence.
  2. Conduct primary research and integrate it effectively with secondary research into persuasive writing.
  3. Analyze audience characteristics and tailor specific persuasive strategies for the audience.
  4. Identify and utilize advanced prose style and syntax in writing.
  5. Employ techniques for persuasive argument and advanced composition

Homework Answer on Racial Profiling in the United States of America

Charles Ramsey, a police chief of staff in Washington, DC, while searching for some snipers in the Washington Area stated that they were searching for a white van with white occupants, but found a navy blue vehicle with black occupants (Bovard 333). His statement epitomized the concept and prevalence of racial profiling in the United States of America. Therefore, what is race, racism, and racial profiling?

The term race describes a community or a group of people that are characterized by the commons and differences in their biological peculiarity. These biological features are considered as fundamentals of the society. The implication is that people utilize these differences and similarities to give each other preferential treatment. These differences particularly manifest themselves in the form of skin color. On the other hand, the phrase racism refers to the act of associating a particular racial group as being superior and the other as being subordinate.

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The implication is that when people use the terms black to refer to the people of African origins, and the term white to refer to indigenous Caucasian groups of society, it is racist in nature. Finally, the phrase racial profiling is an act that is intended to target and subject members of particular racial groups for unwarranted searches by the existing authorities (Glover 11). The implication is that racial profiling is not motivated by the behavior of the individual or the group, but by their physical as well as individual attributes.