Sample Composition Essays On Personal Negotiation Experience

Homework Question on Personal Negotiation Experience

  • The assignment asks you to describe two actual, personal negotiation experience that you undertook during this course (NOT BEFORE!!).
  • The journaling assignment requires you to enter into a negotiation with intention.
  • Choose a negotiation that matters to you :either you save or earn money or somehow improve the quality of life you enjoy.
  • 35% of your grade based on preparation
  • 35% on the use of strategies and tactics learned and quality of reflection on your use
  • 25% based on grammar and formatting (do a quality job and use APA)
  • 5% based on outcome of negotiation

Homework Answer on Personal Negotiation Experience

Negotiating for salary increase

I recently requested for a salary increase in my part time job, which I have been doing for two years. I have been working as a sales representative at an antic retail store in town, where I work for three hours in the evening and six hours over the weekend. The initial wage was $10.00 for every hour I worked. Six months after I was employed, I received an increase of my salary without prior notice or request. The increase was 10% of my salary, which was part of the store’s policy to increase salary of its employees annually or after promotion.

I was encouraged by this move, and took extra hours in the store to ensure that I excelled in my role. I also ensured that I treated customers well and encouraged them to come back. When I noticed a loyal customer in the store, I would offer some customer loyalty costs according to the policy. This made my relationship with these clients excellent, which wholly influenced the business.

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The salary increment policy stated that the longer an employee offered their services to the store, the higher the increase of their salary. This implied that longer serving employees would receive increase of not less than 12% of their salary. This increase was a surprise to me and not to other employees who had received their increase barely a year before. As a long-serving employee now, I had been waiting for another increase for more than a year now. Various reasons made me apply for an increase. Among them is the delay in fulfilling the salary increase policy. This is besides the fact that I was among the oldest employees and had risen up the job scale.