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Homework Question on Literacy Sponsors

  1. What does a family need to do to be an effective literacy sponsor ?

Homework Answer on Literacy Sponsors


Literacy Sponsors can be described as  individuals or systems that influences a person’s literacy or the capability to read and write. Effective literacy sponsors should be powerful individuals, in most cases wealthy and more knowledgeable than average. Literacy is the capability of reading and writing, it is the mainstay and the key structure of learning any form of information. With no literacy, the world would be struggling and crumbling.Literacy is considered as something which is dynamic and complex. It cannot be fixed to just reading directly from the books and composing words on a paper.

Literacy sponsors are supposed to loan their resources and credibility to the individuals they sponsor. Everyday aspect of a person’s life affects his/her literacy. Literacy sponsors may be a family, friends or even the teachers. All kinds of sponsorships can directly or indirectly influence an individual’s literacy progress.  This paper therefore discusses about what a family needs to do to be effective literacy sponsors.

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The information concerning effective literacy sponsors was gathered oral and written interviews. In those interviews, the family units explored in great details their reminiscences of leaning reading and writing skills across their lifetimes focusing mainly on the individuals, institutes as well as the materials and inspiration that was involved in the process. For their accounts, it is clear most of the people interviewed were filled with references to the literacy sponsors, who appeared in formative duties at the prospects of literacy learning. Systems of sponsorship became an enlightening site for tracking the various cultural attitudes of individuals developed toward writing and reading.