Sample Composition Essays On Internet and Copyright Laws

Homework Question on Internet and Copyright Laws

  • Your essay should include the following: Introduction:
  • Briefly introduce (How Internet impact copyrights laws?)
  1. Methods: Discuss your research process. Questions to consider when writing this section: Where are you looking for information? What search terms are you using?
  2. What types of resources, methods or terms are you finding most useful?
  3. What has been less useful? Why? Summary and response: Summarize and respond to at least three sources.

Homework Answer on Internet and Copyright Laws

Internet and digitization has greatly resulted into the infringement of copyright. This is because many tools that people use today in their daily office work are digital products. This has eased the reproduction and distribution of these products, while making use of the available software. The computer and the Internet have also enabled faster spread and access to these products. Powerful software such as the image burners and the Google image are some of the technological advancements that complicate the war against plagiarism.

Copyright law, a set of legislations institutionalized by many countries of the world protects the owners of the creative works. It gives such creators the sole monopoly to present and manipulate their works in many ways and for any purposes within a given time limit. The advances in computer technology enable other people to make perfect digital copies of the copyrighted materials, from music, films, photos and other various protected works. In fact, the Internet accelerates the rate of their distribution.

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In my endeavor to research on the whole issue of the plagiarism in photography community with regards to the copyright, I had begun on a rather narrower focus on the face to face interviews with a sample of photographers. The second phase of this project is to research on the secondary sources of the information. This phase focuses on the sources such as the journals, newspaper and the magazine articles, website articles and other scholarly publications.