Sample Composition Essays On How to Review an Article

Homework Question on How to Review an Article

What  the essay will need to accomplish, a general review i.e:

  • Rhetorical appeal,
  • Patterns of development used to the develop the ideas,
  • Context or background,
  • Intended audience,
  • Own responses.

Homework Answer on How to Review an Article

In reviewing an article, the structure is normally different from that of an essay paper. This is because, some of the sections are omitted. Due to this, it is difficult for one to distinguish an article review, a personal statement and an essay paper. When writing an essay a person has unlimited restrictions depending on the topics he/she is handling. A person reviewing an essay need to put into consideration all the ideas the author intended to put across.

He/she is however required to give a general overview of the small ideas that are put across. There are different types of article review structures depending on the topic of discussion and the intended purpose. In studies, students are introduced to article review to enable him/her to the field of experts in writing. The most essential factor in article review is understanding the important information being conveyed and the intended purpose.

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When an individual understanding the main theme of the article he is able to effectively evaluate the various arguments and implications intended (Fernández, 1999).An individual should understand the intended audience when writing a review. He/ she should be knowledgeable on whether the audience has a clue of the subject matter. The review should be able to put across different ideas on the same subject.