Sample Composition Essays On Drunken Driving

Homework Question on Drunken Driving

  1. Needs to be an argumentative essay about how drunk drivers should be imprisoned on the first offense.
  • Please include a title page and a citation page. Please title this piece something imaginative.

Homework Answer on Drunken Driving

Drunk Drivers should be Imprisoned with the First Offense

Persons operating a motor vehicle need to be alert, keen, and careful. More importantly, they ought to be sober from alcohol and drug intoxication. They should neither consumer alcohol nor illegal drugs and substances before and during handling a motor vehicle. Traffic police officers are strategically located across States to ensure drivers are driving within the acceptable speed limits. This is aimed at reducing the number of persons losing their lives from fatal car crashes and accidents due to over speeding and carelessness. These two unethical vices are associated with drunken driving (DOT 1).

Citizens, police officers, and legal officials continue to debate how first offenders charged with drunken driving ought to be punished. Family members and friends who have lost a close relative from drunken driving describe the experience as a painful and devastating incident that is avoidable. It is also evident that fatal and damaging accidents, and car crashes associated with drunken driving are rapidly rising. Thus, measures ought to be adopted and implemented to reduce them.

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However, these measures need to be harsh in order to motivate others to avoid drunken driving. Thus, first offenders should be imprisoned (IIHS 1).The legal age set for engaging in alcohol consumption is twenty one years. However, teenagers and adolescents as young as thirteen years are consuming alcohol. They also engage in cigarette and marijuana smoking coupled with intoxications from illegal substances, including cocaine and heroin. Drivers license are offered to persons aged sixteen years and above.