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  • Define the word murder it is a an argument essay, be specific, we need details, elaborate the subject

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Murder is a form of social injustices that is conceived in the minds of human being. The act entails taking another person’s life without a valid excuse. Before one can go ahead and commit the outrageous act, the idea is conceived and developed in the sensory glands of a human mind (Bork 32). It violates human rights and freedom to life as entailed by the natural law as well as the constitution of all countries in the world.

Murder is generally condemned in society and viewed as a violation of GODS given rights. One of the question that one asks himself is why do people commit murder. Therefore, this essay will expound on various reasons as to why people kill and the effects of murder to the community as well as the government. Some of the reasons that will be discussed include mercy killing, anger, and criminal acts. In addition, the effects attributed to murder are that it affects family’s welfare, denies a person an opportunity to live and promotes social injustices (Grisham 20). However, killing may be justified for some reasons entailed in the constitution.

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This section deals with the reasons for murder. The first reason is about killing for mercy. This kind of murder is known as euthanasia. The law allows a medical practitioner to perform the act guided by strict laws in extreme circumstances. This may happen as a result of severe illness by a patient and there are no possibilities to live or survive once again. It is carried out as a way of relieving off the victim the pain and agony succumbed from the disease. Consequently, the manner of killing benefits the family that may be struggling financially and psychologically.