Sample Composition Essay Paper on The Lady or the Tiger

                    Several occasions in life, many people face tough decisions that can be equally bad. Nevertheless, what do people end up doing in many occasions? First, selectin by the push of impulse always turns out that we trust the emotions at that particular time. However, when given more time to think on the issue, then one would logically assess the situation at hand and entirely analyze the facts about the issue. The consequences of selecting both sides would also be carefully studied when given enough time. Hence, the same situation is presented in ‘The Lady or the Tiger’, a short story written by Frank Stockton. Briefly, The Lady or the Tiger simply represents a short story without a particular resolution. The story is set in some kingdom reigned by a semi-barbaric king who’s approach to justice is grounded in a selecting the right door. Anyone who commits a crime is summoned to the arena where they shall decide their fate by selecting the right door. Behind one of the door is a ferocious tiger that is ready to eat a person alive while behind another door is a pretty woman. Therefore, one day, the king gets to know that his beautiful daughter has a love a relationship with a bold, sincere guy who is not of the royal birth. The king was engraved by this and then summons the young man to the royal arena to establish his fate. The princess uses astuteness as well as her bribery to access some knowledge of what is behind the door. This essay, therefore, seeks to establish whether the princess directs her lover towards the tiger or the woman. We close that when he opens the door, he shall find a woman.

                    The princess has been presented by a tough choice and must decide whether to drive her lover to the fierce jaws of the tiger to face his death or to the beautiful woman behind the door where he would immediately get married. Some of the reasons that can be thought to make the princess send her love to the woman behind the door can be explained as follows. First, when choosing the pretty lady, one would easily regard her as a true woman. Hence, her action would confirm her capability to push beyond her semi-barbaric nature as well as permit her to marry the other woman. Second, careful analysis of the text reveals that the princess’s relations with the courtier may make her choose the lady behind the door. This is because of the courtier, as well as the princess, loved one another ardently. In fact, the author wrote: “He had loved the princess, and neither he, she, nor anyone else, thought of denying the fact; but the king would not think of allowing any fact of this kind to interfere with the workings of the tribunal, in which he took such a great delight and satisfaction” (2). This shows how much the prince and the courtier loved one another and thus the prince would not want to see him killed by the fierce tiger.

                    Third, the judicial structure of the king was grounded in selecting the correct door, and thus the woman behind the door represents innocence while the tiger represents wrong or guilt. The prince would want to appear innocent and have her love with the man announced correctly. Subsequently, by selecting the tiger, she would choose wrong or guilt and have her love declared wrong. In addition, she would have to live with the guilt of sending her man to his death and this bad image would be unpleasant for the princess. Hence, all these would make the king choose the door with the beautiful woman.

                    In addition, the princess went ahead to obtain the secret behind the doors of justice, and this depicts how much she dearly cared for her lover. Obviously, she wanted to save her man from the jaws of death since she had all the intent of selecting the door with the lady and this is a true pointer that the prince had much love to her lover and she would not want to see him die at the hand of the fierce tiger. The death of his lover could hurt him for the rest of her life, and by all the means, she was avoiding such actions that would make her regret all the day of her life if the tiger eats her lover.

                    The reasons that could make the princess select the tiger can be explained as follows. First, the princess is often described in the story as one having a soul imperious and fervent as her own semi-barbaric father. Hence, it can be comprehensible if she decides to select the tiger. The princess’s option to send the lover to the tiger would truly reflect her own character as being merciless just like the tiger. In fact, it is written in the story that “This semi-barbaric king had a daughter as blooming as his most florid fancies and with a soul as fervent and imperious as his own” (2). This shows the kind of character that can make the prince select the tiger.

                    Second, on a more elusive note, the princess selected the right side. Right here may mean the correct option. Since the prince is like her father, whose nature of justice, as well as fairness, may push her to select the right judgment. This is in line with the kind of justice that is in the Kingdom and since the prince resembles her father in many aspects of character, then choosing the tiger would not surprise people.

                    In conclusion, the paper successfully discusses the thesis that aimed to establish whether the princess directs her lover towards the tiger or the lady. The paper concludes that it would be logical that the door chosen by the lover would be the door with the woman behind. Primarily, the princess and the young man love one another ardently, and the big questions that would emerge are, would she send her to that fatal death by the tiger? Would she also stay with that guilt of sending the young man to his death? Choosing the tiger would signify that their actions are indeed wrong. Hence, the Princess may not want to be associated with this wrong action. In fact, the princess’s drive to establish the secrets behind the door of justice in the kingdom was motivated by the fact that she wanted to see the man stay alive and not eaten by the tiger. It can be noted that her mind was already made and she had the decision to save the life of her lover.

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