Sample Composition Case Studies Paper on Peer Support and Consultation

Peer Support and Consultation

Brittany is really affected because of her decision to deal with her problems alone. She has isolated herself so much due to the demands of her job and this isolation has made her impaired and distressed. If she decides to attend consultations of her friends and other teammates, it should be able to relieve Brittany’s stress and reduce the burnout. Consulting with other peers would make her regain stable mental health. It is said that sharing information with others and consulting with them improves a person’s decision-making skills (Cowie, & Wallace, 2000)

Peer consultations would help reduce her stress by giving her a good sleep that everybody loves. She would also find a place where she could mingle with friendly neighbors and forget the rest (Dougherty, 2014). From the story, Brittany is very lonely and this may make her to be stressed because she lacks someone, whom she can really open-up to. Another aspect to consider is that Brittany has failed to inform her boyfriend that she finds it difficult to pay bills on her own

Engaging in peer consultation is a better way to achieve higher levels in terms of behavior regulation. The bad habits mentioned about her could be solved if only she accepts to join any peer group or spend more time with them. Brittany’s history is coupled with controversy, a good peer group makes a patient think about what her behaviors might lead to and how they might affect and influence the people around her (Doherty, 2010). Peer consultants would help Brittany reduce the pressure from role and gender differences, which are pointed out as one of the causes of distress on Brittany.


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