Sample Communications Paper On “The Century of the Self” by Adam Curtis

Homework Question on “The Century of the Self “by Adam Curtis

  1. What is your critique of the Adam Curtis documentary “The Century of the Self?” Are his assertions of a relationship between social movements focusing on the self and changes in the approach of advertisers correct? Has niche marketing focusing on self-expression replaced earlier approaches to advertising and marketing? Give examples. Finally, does this represent a form of greater social control for corporations and manufacturers or more freedom of choice for consumers?
  2. Is there a relationship between consumerism and ideology? Is the concept and symbolism of the “American Dream” one possible example of this convergence in our society? Be certain to use in-text citations from acceptable sources to define the terms of your argument. You may also refer to Sut Jhally’s documentary Advertising and the End of the World.

Homework Answer on “The Century of the Self” by Adam Curtis

‘The Century of the Self’ is a television documentary series authored by Adam Curtis in 2002. It was broadcasted among the British population. The documentary sought to showcase that, governments and corporations are powerful institutions. They possess massive authority to utilize propaganda systems to influence and control public masses. As a result, Adam Curtis applied the Freud’s theory to assert that, American corporations and governments are manipulative and controlling.

They formulate and implement policies that are not allied to interests and desires among the masses. Thus, they neither strive nor attempt to meet and fulfill public interests. Through Freud’s theory, Adam Curtis attempted to determine government and corporations are dangerous institutions. They ensure community members are controlled despite the current age of mass democracy. This further limits democratic powers among masses. The ‘The Century of the Self’ documentary was therefore developed to provoke masses’ thoughts.

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According to Adam Curtis, contemporary capitalist societies subconsciously and systematically implement corporate and governmental policies and strategies aimed at increasing wealth and power. Through Freud’s theory, they ensure the policies strategically control and manipulate masses opinions, ideas, thoughts, and desires. For example, the United States government and corporate America impressed greater personal freedom during 1920s.