Sample Communications Paper On Stress and Communication

Homework Question on Stress and Communication

  • Respond substantially to each bullet point, and provides valuable insight. Response must clearly demonstrates an understanding of subject matter. Your response must be professional, easy to understand, and free of grammatical error. All responses and examples must be original. Any form of plagiarism is unacceptable. “Stress”
  1. Determine if there is more stress today than in past generations and provide available evidence to support your response.
  2. Analyze current (or previous) employer’s efforts to manage stress in the workplace to determine what additional steps could have been taken. Provide specific examples to support your response. Communication”
  3. Analyze the factors contributing to poor communication in the workplace to determine the single greatest communication barrier at your current (or previous) place of work, as well as how you would address that barrier.
  4. Determine ways that a specific organization in a different industry could apply the lessons learned by Plant Fantasies
  • ( Provide specific examples of how doing so would help the business you selected.

Homework Answer on Stress and Communication

There is more stress experienced by today’s generation compared to the earlier generations. This is mainly caused by the changing economic times and the advancements in technology.Technology makes individuals get bombarded by too much information than is possible for them to process and handle at the same time. In the generation past, there was limited information regarding the global happenings and an individual would be satisfied in knowing that all is well in their immediate locality.

The situation is different with the advancement of information technology, as the media focuses on highlighting the war torn and troubled regions of the world. The truth is that there are less wars and calamities in present times than in the past, but the media makes it appear as if the situation has grown worse. College education has become more costly for instance housing.

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In one of the previous firms I have worked for. The stress levels of the employees were reduced by having effective communication structures in place. The expectations of the employees projected by the employer were tailored considering the self efficacy of the employee. There was continued affirmation from the management in order to instill job security in the employees. All conflicts were settled amicably and privately without involving outsiders.