Sample Communications Paper On Speech Evaluation

Homework Question on Speech Evaluation

  • Outside Speaker Evaluation. One of the best ways to learn what a good speech looks and sounds like is for you to listen and evaluate speeches.
  • You will be required to write a 2-page outside speaker evaluations in which you will observe a speaker outside the classroom and evaluate that speaker’s performance using as criteria the material you have learned in this class.
  • Please choose a speech from the

Homework Answer on Speech Evaluation

The speech was delivered in December 2015 by Yunis Vardoulakis who argued that you can be in politics in the contemporary society but not in power. Yunis asserts those who are rich in the society are cannibalizing on the political sphere, causing a financial crisis in the contemporary society (n p). The speaker has used various strategies to deliver his opinion on capitalism and democracy to the target audience. This essay evaluates Yunis performance in successfully delivering his opinion to the target audience.

Yunis starts off by asserting that many people in the west see democracy as part of the society’s furniture unlike it is seen in the East. He asserts that in the west, democracy is receding in the woods whereas other places like Singapore have demonstrated that it is possible to have capitalism with non interference of politics.

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First, the speaker establishes his credibility of talking about the subject with the target audience by showing that he has been affected by the declining levels of democracy in the contemporary society. Yunis orates that while he was representing Greece in the Euro group as its Finance Minister, he was told that his countries democratic process should not be left to interfere with economic policies The fact that the speaker has been directly affected by the effect of capitalism on democracy shows that he is the right person to talk about the subject.