Sample Communications Paper On Self-Presentation in TV “Friends” Series

Homework Question on Self-Presentation/Social Image in TV “Friends” Series

  1. Make sure to discuss the point Self-presentation/Social Image in TV Series “Friends”, you may compare them to really life exp or different actor perform different Self-presentation/Social Image.
  2. Keep the point clear, easy, supportive, not too complex.
  3. Quality of writing and proofreading is important. Make sure to check the additional materials which is the Rubric for the posts.

Homework Answer on Self-Presentation/Social Image in TV “Friends” Series

Everyone has an overall idea of who they think they are.  This can at times be manipulated by context and our ideologies.  This makes individuals perceive themselves differently in different situations. For example, the way an individual behaves around friends is different from the way the same person will behave in an individual. The cultural settings also influence one behavior. This goes a long way in impacting the self-image created by the person the way those around will perceive the individual (Thumim 2012).  This paper will implore the importance of the Friends TV series in analyzing self-perception and image.

The way we present ourselves goes a long way in influencing the outcomes of the activities we partake in daily activities. These include the employments we take, the partners we marry, and those we befriend. The TV series has facilitated social interaction and define the nature of the social interactions among the characters.  The flow of events have convinced the audience of many social aspects about the characters that weren’t known to them

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Rachel Green; a key character in the series, ends up being a spoilt girl. This is after she leaves her father’s family in pursuit of happiness and success.  The new environment she tosses herself to dictates her personality, character, and abilities. Her family feels disgraced due to the direction she takes. This leads to their failure of attending Rachel’s wedding. This creates an impression of a family that lacks love and unity and one that si not concerned with the affairs surrounding one of their own.