Sample Communications Paper On Self And Role Competence

Homework Question on Self-Competence and Role Competence

  1. In This research proposal you must define in depth role competence and self-competence.
  2. Also it should be about how role competence and self-competence changes role between your mother and best friend.
  3. The role they play depending on the relationship you two may have. In this proposal it should only be about your mother and best friend.

Should have at least have 3 different sources:

  • Indicate the primary source(s) you will use.
  • Justify your selection(s).
  • Indicate what scholarly sources you plan to use.
  • Format your proposal using MLA standards

      Homework Answer on Self-Competence and Role Competence 

Berndt, Thomas J and Lorna M Murphy. “Influences of friends and friendships: Myths, truths, and research recommendations.” Advances in Child development and behavior (2002): 275-294.

The scholarly source denotes the influences of friends and highlights the myths from realities. It supports the notion that peer influence is highest at the adolescent age and portrays the role competence of a best friend in affecting self-competencies attitudes and behavior.

Greene, Rubin Roberta and Nancy P Kropf. Competence: Theoretical Frameworks. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction Publishers, 2011.

The book gives an in-depth psychological definition of self-competence. It also distinguishes the term with self-liking although it connotes a correlation between the two.

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Jambunathan, Saigeetha and Janet A Norris. “Perception of Self-competence in relation to language competence among pre-schoolers.” Child study Journal (2000): 91-101.

The scholarly article suggests that the development of an individual’s self-competence is dependent on four dimensions (physical, cognitive, peer and maternal). Therefore, the source is purposeful in indicating the significance of the mother’s and best friend’s role. It clearly articulates how the roles change with maturing age of an entity.