Sample Communications Paper On Organizational Concepts and Skills

Homework Question on Organizational Communication Concepts and Skills

Imagine that you are proposing a new communication structure for an organization. Write a formal proposal in which you discuss at least five concepts that you feel are most important for successful communication within an organizational setting.

Explain why these concepts are necessary for successful communication and how best to implement them within an organization. Examples of concepts that you may choose to use are active listening, organizational culture, conflict resolution, key principles of human communication, leadership strategies, formal and informal communication, etc.  Your information for this paper should not be based on your own opinions; you must back up your information with research. The research may include readings from this course or from outside sources.

  • In total, your paper must include at least five sources with at least two from the Ashford University Library.
  • This is a formal paper and should include proper grammar, complete sentences, appropriate paragraphs, and correct citations/references in proper APA style.
  • Along with explaining the communication concepts and including the research, you can also use your personal experiences to explain the research that you are presenting in your paper.
  • The paper must be eight to ten pages in length (excluding title and reference pages)
  • Formatted according to APA style. You must use at least five scholarly sources

Homework Answer on Organizational Communication Concepts and Skills

Communication is a significant element in the lives of people. In an organizational setting, communication is important in attaining the set goals and objectives. In the workplace setting, all people depend on each other in the attainment of personal and organizational goals. This corporation can only be attained through human cooperation. Therefore, to guarantee effective communication in organizations, understanding among employees and leaders is vital.

Effective communication within organizations ensures that affairs are run smoothly and members work as a team to meet their objectives. In order to ensure that this situation is attained, there are key concepts of organization communication that need to be observed. This essay presents a proposal of key concepts that are important in ensuring successful communication in an organizational setting.

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Organizational communication refers to relations among personnel and other members of an organization. Organizational communication is also referred to as internal relations, internal communication, or internal public relations (Botan& Hazleton, 2010). According to Barrett (2003), organizational communication is a phenomenon that describes organizations.