Sample Communications Paper On Gun Control

Homework Question on Guns are not Dangerous, Human Beings are

  • I want you to go to the following website:
  • Read through the material. Take your time gathering facts and then I want you to write a NEWS RELEASE, in the proper format, with every aspect of the format being correct.
  • Please remember that we have said that double-spaced lines are mandatory.
  • When you write this, you must take a pro (for) or con (against) gun control stance (opinion).
  • If you are in favor of gun control, then say that you are from the
  • If you are NOT in favor of gun control, then say you are from the National Rifle Association
  • Please remember to get the FULL amount of points you must also employ all of the suggestions that David Meerman Scott suggested in his handout:

Homework Answer on Guns are not Dangerous, Human Beings are

National Rifle Association

Phone Number

For Immediate Release:

December 12, 2015

Did you know that at least five women die in America on a daily basis due to gun related murders? Did you know that even with the harshest gun control law, approximately 11,000 people in Mexico die from gun murders on an annual basis? Did you know that approximately 80% of both male and female gun owners declared that they felt safer through owning a gun?

The same research by Pew Foundation indicates that 64% of people that lived in homes in which the owners possessed a gun felt safe. What separates those who feel safe with guns from those who feel threatened by them? The difference between someone who benefits from and someone who loses to a gun lies in the person pulling the trigger, and not the gun itself.

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A Centers for Disease Control report indicates that firearms were ranked 12th among the causes of death by homicide or suicide in the United States from around 1999 to 2013. As alarming as this information may be, the fact remains that the people responsible for pulling the trigger are more dangerous than the guns. If they have the motive to kill or cause harm, no presence or absence of a weapon will deter such people.