Sample Essay Paper on Cross Culture Communications

Cross Culture Communications

My sole experience with communicating across cultures was when I went to Germany when I was 18. I have not had many opportunities to do so. I participated in an exchange program in Germany, so my German was limited, but the family I stayed with was fluent in English. I could communicate with them in that language. As a result of this, it became possible to speak with other people whenever it was necessary to do so. This was a very beneficial experience for me in my life, and I learned about this culture before going there, while I was there, and after I left.

To communicate effectively with cross-cultural backgrounds, it is important to undertake some key steps: recognize: It is essential to maintain a courteous tone when expressing how your perspective differs from theirs. Draw attention to the areas in which you and the other person agree as well as those in which you disagree, and try to establish whether or not your differing thought systems could create a therapeutic problem. Recommend: Create a treatment plan and present it to the patient and their family for consideration (Flynn et al., 2021).

In summary, a culturally aware person can recognize and accept the beliefs, practices, and values of other people, enabling them to interact with those individuals without prejudice or judgment. This results in increased cultural linkages and a reduction in the number of interpersonal problems that are caused by differences in culture. Cultural awareness also helps us preserve the lives of more minor civilizations in isolated areas (Flynn et al., 2021). Those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture can take advantage of our training in indigenous cultural awareness.




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