Sample Communications Paper On Coaching by flash card

Homework Question on Coaching by flash card

  • Go to the URL:
  • You are to go to the above website and read a journal that deals with organizational behavior.
  • Copy a small part of the journal and paste it on a word document.
  • Then analyze the journal in your own words, including whether you agree or disagree with the author or the opinions of the publisher.
  • NOTE: The copied and pasted section should not exceed 1/4 of the page, since 3/4 has to be your opinion on that specific article.

Homework Answer on Coaching by flash card

As John Baldoni observes, flashcards have been found to play an integral part in ensuring that situations are effectively handled. In his argument he starts from a more personal point of view where his parents used the flashcards to educate him aiding him to capture the most fundamental parts of his young age education (Baldoni). From an organizational point of view, flashcards can be helpful in determining difficult situations as they focus to identifying and finding solutions to a number of difficult situations.

It’s important that individuals in an organization concentrate on the important factors so as to be able to realize where the major causes of problems in an organization arise from. This helps in restoring sanity and order in an organization setting; however the efforts to restore sanity should be coupled with visual aids as this would strengthen the impact.

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Apart from being focused on one particular problem, an action plan should be devised so as to make a choice on which appropriate action should be taken. Although there are no definite action plans, the action plans should be ones that can be easily proved and put into action. The last step for organization leaders is to act when required to as it is the only way in which informed decisions can be reached at(Baldoni).