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The history of awkward moments can be traced back to the beginning of life and has been with man all through the centuries and even in the current world, awkward moments still characterize some experiences that people face. Awkward moments are not known for particular people but occur to every human being. If a survey was to be conducted in the entire world, everyone could agree to have add at a single awkward moment in their lives. The only difference is that for an awkward moment to be published or preserved in documentation, the victim must be a public figure or an influential person.

Most of the time, awkward moments that are published are those involving either leaders or individuals who are notable figures in what they do. Moreover, awkward moments are in most cases are considered awkward because they happen to people who are thought to be of high standing. An awkward moment experience by an ordinary person is seen as normal and very few could be interested in documenting it unless it uniquely stands out and its news spread so first.

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Awkward moments occur indiscriminately at any place at any time. In most cases, awkward moments are unexpected and finds the victim at a climax of either performance or presentation.Awkward moments have recorded history in almost all areas of life, all occupations and even in sports. People have lost their jobs because of being victims of awkward moments; many have been exposed when doing unethical things just because of awkward moments.