Sample Communications Paper On Application of Digital Media

Homework Question on Application of Digital Media to Advance Health Goals

  • Today, digital media is found throughout all business and personal activities making it necessary to have a high level of understanding of both the sources of content, as well as the methods in which the information is consumed.
  • The responsible utilization of digital media requires individuals to have an awareness of the global, social, ethical, and legal contexts in which the digital media is consumed. Students are required to select a topic related to global, social, ethical, or legal issues with digital media.
  • You will perform in-depth research and provide an explanation of how an issue associated with your selected topic relates to the consumption of digital media.

Formatting Requirements Project must follow:

  • APA style
  • Double-spaced 1 inch margins
  • 12 point professional font Headers including project name, class, and page numbers
  • File name first initial, last name and project (ex. BWright_paper)
  • Use of tables, graphs, images, etc. of appropriate size that are relevant to the information being conveyed is highly encouraged.

Content Requirements:

  • Minimum of 1000 words, maximum 1500 words (excluding cover and bibliographical pages)
  • Title Page including your name, instructor name, course name and number, and paper title Research Paper
  • Requirements Outline Introduction, Body Research Findings, Context Conclusion ,Bibliography with minimum of 2 professional / scholarly sources.
  • Wikipedia is not acceptable

Homework Answer on Application of Digital Media to Advance Health Goals


Digital media is applied in all aspects; from personal activities to businesses. Responsible application of this form of media demands critical awareness of the global, social, ethical, and legal aspects concerned with digital media. This study argues that digital media has been highly essential in the transformation of the global health.


Health care industry is increasing depending on the social media for support, promotion, and spread of data and information for health practices (Dosemagen & Aase, 2016). From healthcare to public health campaigns, digital media has been highly essential in the transformation of health communication by engaging both the health professionals and the public. Through the digital media, health experts have been able to engage the public in health research by publishing online short stories, which are easy to read.

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This approach has been useful in capturing lay audiences with limited technical information and skills. Through this approach, the health experts have managed to engage the public in conversation on significant issues and putting into practice previous research findings. Topics that have been critically engaged include adult and childhood obesity, education, and poverty. Numerous story-telling strategies have been applied such as visual approaches and traditional journalism.