Sample Communications Essays On Warning Systems for Homeland Security

Homework Question on Alert & Warning Systems for Homeland Security

  • Write by using your own words .Two Paragraphs Outlining the Main Points of the Story) .Two Paragraphs Outlining the Main Points of the Story) .
  • MINIMUM of Two Paragraphs Outlining the “So What”.
  1. How will this technology change the way practitioners do their job on a daily basis?
  2. What implications might this technology bring for the future of homeland security?)
  • If your current event story is about a specific technology (either under development or currently in use), provide at least two paragraphs on alternatives to utilizing that technology in homeland security (be specific) .
  • Please use simple words see the link

Homework Answer on Alert & Warning Systems for Homeland Security

Professor Otto from the University of Rhode Island is the brain behind the sensor that is capable of detecting chemical explosives in America and the world as a whole. The popular chemical engineer focused his attention on designing a sensor that frequently detects vapor emitted from the explosives. Professor Otto argues that the use of dogs as sensors have various shortcomings including distraction and short attention.

According to (2016) although dogs are trained to sniff explosives, they are easily distracted by terrorists because their minds wander now and then. Furthermore, dogs need some time to rest unlike the sensor that is capable of sniffing 24 hours. The sensor contains a catalyst that causes the explosive to decompose releasing molecules. After decomposition, the sensor measures the level of heat emitted by the explosive triggering an alarm.

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Professor Otto targets public places including the major airport boarding areas, ports and other areas prone to bombs. Apart from detecting TATP, the sensor is also capable of determining whether TNT, ammonium nitrate or other explosives exist. TATP and TNT are the major chemicals used by terrorists in making explosives since they are easy to acquire from hardware and pharmacies. This has left the American authorities with little control over suicide and shoe bombers according to (2016).