Sample Communications Essays On The King’s Speech

Homework Question on The King’s Speech

  • The movie The King’s Speech is perfect for this assignment.
  • You need to write two full pages (double spaced), but feel free to write more.
  1. First page: Describe how King George’s self concept was influenced by the four factors that feed into one’s self concept. Format this page as four short paragraphs on each distinct area (peers, self, significant others, culture).
  2. Second page: Describe two examples of feedback and two examples of self-disclosure.
  • Be very specific.
  • I need to be able to clearly read how information moved from a blind area to an open area (feedback) and how information moved from a hidden area to an open area (self disclosure).
  • You can pick any character in the movie.

Homework Answer on The King’s Speech

King George self concepts was influenced by his peers, self, culture and significant others. Peers influenced King George V by encouraging him to continue trying to perfect his speech skills by following Lionel Logue teachings. However, he was frustrated at the first instances when he visited Logue the specialist. He was not patient enough to follow instructions to the letter. After he opened up to his therapist, they became friends.

This friendship enhanced and facilitated his treatment experience even though he died before accomplishing his goal of perfecting his skills (Palmer 70).King George attained self-actualization later in his life after he was challenged by Logue. At this point, George realized that Logue was not qualified for his position formally. This prompted the king to counterattack his accomplices, an action that led to the realization of his capability to communicate eloquently.

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This was the start of the friendship between the two individuals. He started reciting the speech in Logue’s presence and in the process, he improved his eloquence.Other individuals such as his wife (Elizabeth) and son encouraged him and created a favorable environment for learning. In most cases, his wife is seen persuading him to visit Logue for instruction to rectify the stammering condition.  They were very influential in making the king accept his status while at the same time taking measures to avert bad experiences.