Sample Communications Essays On Social Media Conflict

Homework Question on Social Media Conflict

  1. If you were Ashley Johnson’s manager, what would you do in this situation? How would you interpret BRIXX’s “social media” policy?
  2. What standards would you use to justify your interpretation of this policy and the action (or lack of action) you decided to take?

Homework Answer on Social Media Conflict


Social media policies are some of the policies and procedures that one has to observe while working for many companies in this century. The policies are significant to the success of an organization. This essay looks at the policies based on the situation of Ashley.In the situation of Ashley throwing a rant online about the customers who overstayed and under tipped her, as her manager, I could have advised her to take it on a personal level and keep the company out of it, but not to the extent of firing her for pouring her displeasure and thoughts.

BRIXX’s social media policy is little close ended. Like on postings from the employees, a clause should be made clear to them that while posting they should label their posts as personal and that the company should not be liable to any heat generated from the post.To justify my interpretation of the policy, I would call for “a common sense stance” in the regulation of the employee conduct about the company.

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Like Ashley could have known the ripple effects of such a post if she took her time to consider what her actions could cost the company informs of losing business and eventual loss of jobs of people who were not directly related to her displeasure if it gets to the extreme.