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Homework Question on Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Read “The Decisions, Problems, More Decisions Case” at the start of Chapter 8. Choose one of the problems faced by Joan Murphy in this case. Determine an appropriate problem-solving process model and decision-making mode for this problem.
  • Write a thoughtful, well-considered essay that addresses these questions:
  1. What problem did you select?
  2. What methods did you choose? Why?
  3. Who would be involved in using these methods?
  4. How would those methods be used in the situation?
  5. What problems or barriers to their employment exist?
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Homework Answer on Problem Solving and Decision Making

I select the problem choosing between two attractive offers. When Joan Murphy applied for job in the two companies, she opted to get form either. The decision on the appropriate company to work with was a difficult one. I will evaluate how people can be making decision on two competitive options. Some factors made Joan Murphy select Dayton Retailers over the other company.  These include the geographical locations, quality management training as well as the presence of good cooperation between the management and the staffs.

As a result, the problem of deciding between the two offers was appropriate for effective decision-making analysis.Based on the nature of the problem, I think the individual approach would be an appropriate decision making model.  I selected the individual approach method as it reflect the decision making process followed by Joan Murphy.  Joan Murphy had to evaluate the options in her personal capacity. The Individual approach explains how individual can consult various factors to make specific.

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In the case above, Joan Murphy considered her personal interests and influencers making the ultimate decision. The decision making model argues that individuals makes decisions with the involvement of other people.  For instance, the interaction with other people might have influenced the decision of Joan Murphy to select Dayton retailers over the other company. Thus, the individual approach identifies the role played by friends another peers.