Sample Communications Essays On Performance Appraisal Interviews

Homework Question on Performance Appraisal Interviews

  1. A very important aspect of managerial communication is the appraisal interview.
  2. You will conduct research and find out the latest results from studies on appraisal interviews and the approaches and strategies that are currently used. well-formulated appraisal strategy including a specific strategy how to reduce anxiety for both yourself as the evaluator and the person being evaluated;
  • Attach a list of sources that you used in preparing your strategy

Homework Answer on Performance Appraisal Interviews

This is the first stage of the process of performance and it constitutes a face-to-face discussion between an employee and his/her manager in an attempt by the manager to evaluate every aspect of employee’s performance and eliminate any differences in perception or evaluation. It offers the employee a chance to defend him/herself against poor evaluation by the manager, however, the manager also has an opportunity to explain his thoughts and perceptions about the employee’s performance.

Nevertheless, performance appraisal interviews have inherent anxiety on both the employee undergoing evaluation and the evaluator. The rationale behind this being that the employee fears losing his/her job due to poor rating while the evaluator fears making errors in his/her evaluation that could make him/her quit his/her organization having been assigned poor ratings. Thus, reduction of anxiety is the central concern in relation to the approaches and strategies with which the managers currently conduct performance appraisal interviews.

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Even though there is no absolute right or wrong approach to conducting a performance appraisal interview, the employee and the manager should approach this process with objectivity and open-mindedness. For instance, the employee should not approach the process with unrealistic expectations that the manager would agree to every information on the appraisal form he/she has filled. On the other hand, the manager should never approach the process in a manner that insinuates haphazardness. The process should have proper time schedule and venue allocation to avoid unnecessary negative perceptions of the parties.