Sample Communications Essays On The Song “My Heart Will Go on”-Celine Dion

Homework Question on The Song My Heart Will Go on- Celine Dion

  1. Please watch the video clip for the song and write a summary about it.
  2. Please compare your findings to a Communication Model or Theory, how this contributes to society, and  how the medium detriments society.
  • Please make the three points clear on the paper and write the citations Thank you

        Homework Answer on The Song My Heart Will Go on- Celine Dion


The song “my heart will go on” that was sang by Celine Dion is a powerful love song that depicts how love is powerful and wonderful. Based on the movie “Titanic”, Dion tries to express how strong love is despite the distance that may exist between two lovers. She dreams about her love every night in her dreams and will continue to love him whatever the circumstances. This song expresses what can be termed as true love. This type of love exists forever for that special someone no matter what happens. As such, it is considered a powerful love song of all time.

Comparison of Lasswell’s communication model and contribution to the society

This song can be considered to fall under a communication model due to the fact  that there is a message, sender and destination or receiver. In comparison to Celine’s video, it can be said to fall under the Lasswell’s communication model. Communication exchanges in this type of model have four basic parts namely: sender, message, communication channel and the receiver (Businesscom 1).

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In this case, the sender is Celine Dion; message is the love words sang; communication channel is YouTube and receiver is the listener. Such forms of communication are important since they ensure a desired message reaches the intended audience. For example, in order to raise substance awareness to the society, there must be the person raising it, the substance abuse related message, medium such as forums and the target population who are the receivers.