Sample Communications Essays On Information Security Administrator

Homework Question on Information Security Administrator

  • You must find a job that you would like to have. You may choose to look for a summer position or a position for after you have completed your degree.
  • Write a short essay on the job and the company. (Less than one page)
  • Write a cover letter

Homework Answer on Information Security Administrator

With my interest in the internet and other forms of information technology, I would like to work as an IT specialist in one of the largest IT company in the United States and in particular, the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). Information technology specialists are administrators who help organizations manage hardware, software and solve different issues related to networking and computer systems.  I understand the fact that small and large organizations including government institutions face threats of their information theft by unauthorized users and protecting files is a key strategy in risk management.

With that in mind, I would like to become an IT specialist, specifically, an Information Security Administrator at IBM.  With my knowledge and skills learnt from the university, I will assist the IBM’s IT department to monitor and manage the company’s systems and networks to ensure the safety of all critical information related to the organization’s goals and strategies to improve performance. Working at IBM will provide me an opportunity to learn new skills, knowledge and experience in the IT specialty.

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With my certification as an IT graduate, I believe that I will be a useful employee at the company. Thereafter, I would like to further my studies in the same subject areaand earn a master’s degree in information technology that will enable me to improve my expertise and competitiveness in the company.