Sample Communications Essays On Favorite University Experience

Homework Question on Favorite University Experience

  • Your task will be to write a paragraph that describes your favorite “university experience” moment to date.
  • Formatting Requirements:
  1. Italicize your topic sentence.
  2. Underline transitions.
  3. Structure your paragraph appropriately.
  4. Include an appropriate Title

Homework Answer on Favorite University Experience

My favorite moment in the university was when I met the dean of students – an experience that changed my life in a great way. He proved to be a resourceful person with credible educational background. In addition, the person holds a PhD in sociology and other accredited studies. The meeting came at an appropriate time because I was a first-year student and needed motivation. The encouragement to work hard and advance my degree was raised a notch higher. Some of the inspirational advice he gave to me still lingers in my mind up to today.

He outlined the need to be self-reliant, aggressive, and focused. On the issue of self-reliance, the dean of student was categorical because he outlined the negative effects of dependence. One of the effects is that one becomes ineffective in class work and extra curriculum activities. This is because of the fact that an individual should manage time on his or her own. Another effect is failure to finish class work on time – a failure that would lead to expulsion or poor performance.

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Furthermore, being aggressive means grasping every opportunity that comes on your way. This is where one uses his/her time in the most appropriate manner in socializing and meeting new friends. Some of the friends one meets in the university affect a person’s life completely, depending on the type of relationship. Therefore, I was very keen to make friends with positively motivated students.