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Homework Question on Election Paper

  • Analyze the media coverage of the current election. Consider the extent to which certain candidates are covered more than others and how specific candidates are portrayed in the media, noticing any stereotypes and biases based on aspects of the candidates’ identity.
  1. Then do a content analysis of media coverage culminating in a poster and analyze examples of biased and unbiased media coverage in a one-page response paper.
  2. Create a social media campaign that illustrates biased media coverage of the election.

Homework Answer on Election Paper

According to Boykoff (2007), hardly has there been a lack of analysis around media bias in covering elections and the 2016 USA presidential election period is no different to other previous elections. In fact, in this current election, the mainstream media houses have received a fair share of criticism for some elements of bias in their coverage of the election. Therefore, this paper seeks to analyse the current elections in the US as well as unfolds some examples of biased media coverage.

First, four presidential candidates are in the trails to succeed the current president and have their names on the ballot in all the states. These are Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party), Donald Trump (Republican Party), Dr Jill Stein of Green Party and Darell Castel of the Constitution Party. Regarding media coverage, both the Clinton and Trump receives more time compared to the other candidates. Nonetheless, this analysis concentrate on the Democratic and Republic candidates that most media reporting.

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Since the completion of party conventions, the election has taken a major twist regarding media reporting and some candidates purport that their opponent receives more time. According to Sonet al. (2006), the mainstream media has the power to influence an election. Trump recently slammed the mainstream media of spending most of the time discussing the negative aspects that have been said of him. The lewd sex tape that emerged a few weeks ago was being viewed as biased by the mainstream media by the Trump team since it took several days on the television screen. Additionally, major media outlets such as CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and Fox News are seen to be reporting many things on Trump and the Clinton team sees this as raising the opponent popularity.