Sample Communications Essays On Death of the Author

Homework Question on Death of the Author

  • Please read the text and analyze it. The essay should answer these two questions.
  1. Why is the author dead?
  2. What kind of reader is born?
  3. Why God is dead?
  • Please use very easy vocabulary because I am an international student Comments:

Homework Answer on Death of the Author

In the book, the idea of the death of the author emanates from the subject he aims at bring about. According to me the author dies in the book because God being the creator of the earth also dies, God cannot die while the generation he created still exists. Also, he signifies end of one era as we see a new reader being born. Our belief in the author transforms him into a past figure in the book. He narrates the story from an informed and experienced point of view.

The author is also capable of living within the pages of the book as a present figure. The modern writer, however, exists within the same timeline as the text; he does not precede the text. His knowledge of the past is nonexistent. The reader that is born is a well versed reader with a wide knowledge on the things that the author addressed before his death. From this perspective it is therefore important to understand the idea of humanism which is closely related to the points of the rights of the reader as portrayed by the author and the reader has never been classical to the idea of criticism as there is no literary work to relate to.

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We are now beginning to be the dupes no longer of such antiphrasis, by which our society proudly champions precisely what it dismisses, ignores, smothers or destroys; we know that to restore to writing its future, we must reverse its myth: the birth of the reader must be ransomed by the death of the Author (Stern, 2015).The reader is presented as a well-informed individual who is able to navigate through the intentions that the author presents one by one with an ease understanding.