Sample Communications Essays On Cultural Schizophrenia

Homework Question on Cultural Schizophrenia

  1. Find an example of “cultural schizophrenia” in a media artifact that you encounter outside of class (e.g., print advertisement, TV show, commercial, movie, online ad, website, billboard, newspaper article, magazine article and/or photograph, poster, flyer, music video, YouTube video, screen images projected in public spaces, promotional brochures, advertising in hotels, restaurants, airports, etc.)
  2. Take a picture of the example and write with a brief discussion/analysis of how and why the artifact reflects and/or connects to the concept of “cultural schizophrenia.”
  3. In your discussion, comment on what you find to be the most interesting and/or troubling aspects of the media artifact that you found, especially with regard to gendered meanings.

Homework Answer on Cultural Schizophrenia

Cultural schizophrenia is a unique suffering that happens when individuals are exposed to two or more cultures, immobilizing them from balancing their transcriptions of the cultures. Cultural schizophrenia incorporates egoistic behavior, where self-interest is the cause for human behavior. This type of suffering is expressed in Wonder Woman, an American television series, Lynda Carter, who acted as the wonder woman has an extraordinary ability of deflecting bullets using her bracelets.

The show displayed Carter as an icon who superseded male superheroes with her powers, which is perceived as abnormality with regard to gendered implications. She later found a new identity that took off her superpowers. This study will illustrate how cultural schizophrenia affects individuals, as well as society in which these individuals live.

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Wonder Woman is about a woman who used to live in a mysterious island, and who had gone to America to resolve some mysteries and to challenge evil powers. A closer look at Wonder Woman portrayed a sophisticated heroine who was beyond a female superwoman. Wonder Woman was so occupied to her super-heroic missions, but she still had the desire to settle down with her boyfriend. She was not in tune with the real world of women, especially to those who were working on strengthening the role of women in society.