Sample Communications Essays On An Unforgettable Experience

Homework Question on An Unforgettable Experience

  1. Choose an unforgettable experience for made an speech about 3 or 4 minutes selecting a topic and a purpose, The text book that you can use is the Art of Public Speaking. by Sthephen E. Lucas 10 th edition

Homework Answer on An Unforgettable Experience

It is not every day in life that we get a flight to Dubai, or a summer vacation in Acapulco. It is not every day in my life, filled with bookwork and a monotonous devil called a boring life. Thinking about it now, I remember my uncle telling me incessantly that nothing good ever came after midnight. Nevertheless, I wondered why anything good should come at such an odd hour, when my eyes were closed and all I can think of then is a dream of Aby, the sweet girl next door. You see, I sleep early.

Sunday, the thirteenth of April 2013 was the day. Rubbing my eyes from the eminent sleep, and twisting my mouth into a sneer from the quick successive nudge from my brother, I made it to the living room. I cannot tell you how I screamed in joy at seeing my dad standing there; all tall, secure and handsome. Perhaps, you may be wondering why I would hug him so tight after midnight. You will agree with me, though, that I had missed my dad for a long ten years of waiting, asking, crying, imploring with no satisfactory answer. Seeing him standing there, all traces of my childhood memories falling in place, and the smile… I could not help stifling a cry.

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Reunions often occur, and sad wounds heal in the midst of joy and happiness you want to cherish. Then, questions are numerous, explanations profuse, and smiles eager to acknowledge, comfort, embrace and love, take toll of everybody, mummy included. Mother, worn out from continuous lack of sleep, stress while nursing a cancerous tumor seems pensive but happy all the same. The rest, I cannot tell, as this is my trip to Dubai on a summer vacation.