Sample Communication Research Paper on Advertising Analysis

Advertising Analysis

Section 1

The ad, Moms Demand Action, shows a picture of two children: one holding a machine gun while the other has a book. The inscription on the book that the little girl is holding reads: “little red riding hood,” portraying that children are kept out of school because of the other one who has a gun and poses serious danger to them. Behind the children are bookshelves with many books and flag of the United States. There are also writing stating that one of the children is holding something that is banned in the United States and urges the audience to guess

The advertisement by moms demand action that is part of a bigger campaign by other organizations to enlighten the society on the dangers that guns have caused to the society. The efforts to control guns in the United States have been an issue in the United States and many organizations are putting efforts to ensure that the dangers related to guns are tackled exhaustively. For this particular ad, the lack of gun control has led to children being barred from going to school due to the dangers the children may encounter while at school. In addition, it tries to compare two different issues: taking wine and gun control. The organization observes that more efforts are engaged towards ensuring that children do not carry wine to school. However, wine within a learning setting is not as dangerous as guns.  

The main of this advertisement is to ensure that more efforts are directed towards ensuring that guns are controlled especially within learning institutions to ensure the safety of learners. It also shows that a child’s education is more important and engaging in activities that will lead to his/her dropping out of school will make him/her become a dangerous individual in society. In addition, the ad shows that if children are exposed to guns at a tender age they may end up as dangerous individuals in the society.

Considering the social and political importance of the information contained in the advertisement, the feedback was positive and the campaign to have guns control was well conceived. The creativity employed in the ad by using teenage children added more impact to the issue being addressed. As a result of the advert, more efforts were put by the government to ensure that guns were controlled in the country especially around and within learning institutions.

The ad targets the entire American population more specifically the government. The organization spearheading the campaign sought support from the public in pressing the government to come up with strategies for increased gun control. It also served as a reminder to the parents on the dangers their children face without effective gun control measures. Schools and other learning institutions were also targeted by the campaign. Their support was invited in the campaign against gun control.

A number of persuasion strategies were employed in the advertisement. The use of children who were holding two different objects, a book and a gun, appealed to conscious of the targeted audience. The use of the American flag is also fundamental in passing the message. It shows that the effects of guns affect the entire America as a nation. The book shelves shows that the effects of proliferation of guns have negative impact on the education in the country. The inscription urging the audience to choose which item should be banned in America appeals to the audience to support the campaign against proliferation of guns (Freudenberg, 2014). The ad was spearheaded by a group of mothers who are calling on the government to ensure that their children are kept in school and the schools are safe.

The organization aimed at getting the support to hold a peaceful demonstration against the gun menace in the nation. The ad urges the masses to join them in the demonstration. This strategy was part of advertisement strategies that was employed.

Another notable strategy was the empathy strategy where the ad targeted individuals who were sharing the same opinion to join hands in fostering a peaceful engagement with the law makers to pass strict laws governing possession of guns.

Section 2

The persuasion tactics employed are creatively designed to ensure support from different audiences. The modes of persuasion included pathos, ethos and logos.

Ethos: The author has established credibility by presenting a picture of a child holding a gun. This shows that children can access guns and the dangers children in the United States face due to lack of effective gun control. The use of children will persuade parents to support the initiative, the American flag will ensure all Americans are part of the campaign while the use of bookshelves will ensure that gun control is supported by learning institutions ranging from pre-school to colleges and universities.

Logos: By portraying a black child holding a book and a white one holding a gun, the ad seeks to show that blacks are the ones greatly affect by the gun menace while the white children are the ones in possession of the guns (In Kuo, In Coller, In Stewart-Brown, & In Blair 2015).

Pathos: The author tries to appeal to the audience’s emotion by using children. This is to have the audience sympathize with them and join them in the campaign. The advertisement shows that the problem of gun possession and the dangers associated with it runs deep within the society and affects the country’s future: children.

Section 3

The advertisement was effective in passing the message and had a great impact on its audience. The fact that the advertisement was directed to the government shows that little or no efforts has been put by the government to tackle the gun issue. The overall success and magnitude impact of this advertisement can be evaluated by the by the action of the government and the targeted audience through laws set up to ensure that gun control is instituted in the country and especially within learning institutions (Davis, 2014).

The country’s lack of initiatives to control guns has serious impacts on the rest of the world since other nations may want to follow suit. The campaign by moms demand action is timely to save America and reserve its position as the world super power which inspires other nations (Somerset, 2015).

Even though the use of children to pass across a vital message might be faulted by some quarters, it maybe the right choice for the organization since it aims at asking the government to ensure that guns are controlled and school-going children are safe in their schools. The lack of gun controls not only affects the education sector but also the reputation of the country as an able world super power where individual freedoms and rights are guaranteed and procted.


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