Sample Communication Paper on Strengths


            Having done an assessment of my strengths on Rath StrengthFinders 2.0, I discovered that my strengths include ideation, consistency, includer, restorative and harmony. Ideation is the ability to notice connections in phenomena where other people see no relationships. Consistency is wanting to operate in an environment where the rules are applied to all equally and are also clear to all. Includer is the character of accepting all people regardless of their backgrounds and making them feel important equally. Restorative has the drive to fix issues in one’s environment which threaten the peace and smooth running of things. Harmony is an amazing drive to minimize conflict and friction in one’s environment. The knowledge of these strengths will help in improving my personal and professional life.


            The strength of ideation is one that I intend to use to improve my personal life. It means that I am a creative person capable of coming up with bizarre but practical solutions to my daily challenges. I have always been reluctant to go through with the ideas and solutions that I have considered too radical or disturbing to my peers. The strength finding test has revealed to me that this is not a risky aspect of my life, but a beneficial trait. My profession will require significant communication with other people. This strength will come in handy in strategizing how to propagate information to others in a manner that will make them receptive to my proposals. This strength will also enhance innovation in the workplace making the work not only easier but also enjoyable for my colleagues and me. I intend to work on refining this strength to reap the most benefits from it.


            Consistency means that I am capable of having intimate relationships with other people that are based on trust. I expect this to help me in my relationship with my spouse and children. Possessing this strength will make me a reliable and predictable person, which is very important in maintaining healthy relationships in a family setting. Friendships will also be better because they will have no problem entrusting me with sensitive information. In the workplace, this strength will assist to avoid shortchanging my colleagues. It will also enhance my boldness to call out unfairness in the workplace even if it puts me at risk. Better still, people will know what to expect from me in every situation and also what I expect from them. Misunderstandings will be ultimately minimized.


            I find it interesting that I used to think having and embracing this nature was a weakness on my part. I have this innate to desire to make people feel included and wanted in my life. For this reason, I am the best at welcoming new people to my home and at school. This warm nature has endeared me to many people.  It has unfortunately also attracted people whose intent is to take advantage of me. This strength will ensure I continue to have a large circle of friends. Being an includer will help me a lot professionally in projects that require teamwork. Most of the problems faced by teams at work due to conflicting interests or members of a disagreeable nature will be avoided under my influence. This is also a good leadership trait that will make people under my guidance feel valued and therefore follow through with my suggestions.


            A restorative personality is a plus in a family setting and other informal situations. This strength gives me the impetus to see when relationships are not working and actively set out on fixing them. This strength is not limited to just connections or intangible parts of personal life. It also drives one to fix physical items which are not working right. In my career, this trait will assist in my interaction with other people, as my conversations with them will be directed at determining what might be wrong at the workplace and in finding solutions to the same. A restorative person does not give up even when a challenge is complicated (Olson, 2015). This is because they do not limit themselves regarding the time taken to study the problem from different perspectives to come up with solutions. This is a strength that will prove golden in case I land a job as a consultant for corporates.


            Being a person leaning towards harmony will ensure that I do my best to have peace with other people in my personal life. In seeking harmony, I will become flexible and modify my objectives to match with those of the people close to me while maintaining my basic values. In the workplace, this will be a valuable tool in ensuring that there is minimal conflict between the workers and within a team. This will make me take the role of a mediator in the even to colleagues having a falling out and also in liaising between the organization and external clients.


            The various strengths discovered on Rath StrengthFinders 2.0 will be useful in my personal and professional life. Ideation will assist in honing my creativity. Consistency will ensure that I gain the trust of people close to me. Includer strength will result in having many friend and allies in personal and professional life. Restorative will ensure that all problems and things in my vicinity are fixed. Finally, harmony as strength will make me a peacemaker at home and the workplace.


Olson, E. (2015, Dec 10). New CBA assessment helps students develop strengths, find strength-relevant careers. University Wire