Sample Communication Paper on Delta Airlines

            Delta Airlines is one of the major American airlines with the headquarters at Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia (Carey 1). The airlines together with its partners operate at least 5,400 flights daily and serve a wide network globally and regionally. Delta Airlines has developed to become the greatest airline in terms of the passengers carried and second largest in revenue passenger and kilometers flew (Carey 1). Its rise in status compels it to offer the best employee relations. This is contrary to the news that broke out earlier on that its non-pilot USA domestic staff is non-union.

According to the article, it is necessary for employees to become unionized for employee satisfaction among other employee benefits. Non-unionization has made the public become concerned with employee relations of the airline. According to the article, human relation is a necessary component in personal satisfaction in the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory. Frustrations of employees results to unenthusiastic employees affect organizational productivity and individual employee satisfaction.

            Even though Delta Airlines was negatively perceived, her employees are satisfied since the airline practices the common principle of putting people first. For complimentary human relations to exist within an organization, communication between the authorities and the staff is of great essence. Therefore, directions, channels, and style of communication are of great effect for personal satisfaction. Besides this, team-based management has been of effective in supporting its employees (Carey 1). The airline has been known to embrace innovation, which is critical for team-based management. In addition, the attitude of the top management has contributed to the empowerment of the workers in the airline. This is evident during the merger with the Northwest, where the employees had a higher rate of unionization. In voting for unionization, employees of both organizations participated. However, Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) was rejected by the flight attendants compelling a second vote (Carey 1).

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