Sample Communication Paper on Biasness in Broadcast

Biasness in Broadcast

            According to NBC News (para.1), the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season was reported to be very active with up to ten hurricanes. The article went on to report that the NOAA predicted 13-16 storms, involving 4-6 major hurricanes (NBC News, para. 3). This form of the news broadcast is biased by omission and story selection. The news failed to mention critical points related to hurricanes. Even though the presence of hurricane is expected to affect the economic stability of the country, the news emphasized on the Atlantic hurricane rather than other types of hurricanes. The news failed to report that even though the weather forecast approximated three strong hurricanes, none of them was powerful. According to the US government experts, 4-6 hurricanes in a row within a year could be major. The experts go on to assert that present drought in major hurricane activity is a rare event, which takes place in every 177 years. The media has however ignored this record and has inaccurately reported a difference of ten years.

            Bias refers to a form of partiality that puts off objective consideration of a situation. Biases greatly apply to news media as every media house desires to capture the attention of its viewers and define political discourse and social guidelines. It is easy to identify bias in the news. First, the source of the news guides to the kind of news reported. Majority of the media houses, however, strive to broaden their sources to represent various views. The absence of diversity nevertheless points to bias, especially if the media serves a wider community that is broadly represented by diverse gender and race. The news needs to report from the perspective of the affected. An unbiased news media should report any coverage from the perspective of the affected. Proofs of bias can be offered by calling the precise media and object on the news presented.

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