Sample Communication Paper on Aramco Company

Aramco Company


Aramco Company is a state-owned corporation located in Saudi Arabia. Its main line of operation includes chemicals and petroleum.  The organization has been in operation for the past 80 years and over the years, it has been a world leader in production, marketing, distribution, refining, and exploration of hydrocarbons. The company was established in the year 1933 and by then it was known as the California-Arabian Standard Oil Company. Later in the year 1944, the company’s name was changed to Arabian-American Oil Company then in 1988 it officially became Saudi Aramco Corporation.  At the same time, it is the leader in gas and oil production mainly in large scale. It is also known for operational reliability and advances in technical operations. Aramco has been successful because of the individuals who help run the organization and also the plant itself. The company’s headquarter and offices are in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. It has a total of 65, 000 employees who are operating worldwide in their various stores. The company has several branches and links across the world and they comprise of China, Netherlands and United Kingdom, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Korea, United States, and India (Saudi Aramco, n.d). Aramco is also the leading exporter of crude oil and it produces around eight barrels of the oil supply in the entire world. Its reserves have a total of 261.1 billion barrels of oil. What is astonishing is the fact that in average, the company produces about 10.2 million barrels in a day with 297.6 trillion cubic feet reserves of natural gas (Petroff, 2016).


The reason for choosing Aramco Company for analysis is because of its good performance. For a long period of time, the company has maintained efficient performance while at the same time has created jobs for more than 65, 000 people across the world with a revenue of about $ 311 billion (Saudi Aramco, n.d). It is important to evaluate the factors that drive this company to perform better than any other organizations that are owned by the government.

Ways of conducting research

Conducting a research on a company or a specific topic requires that you become focused on the topic and seek all the information you can get from different sources. This will make it easy to have various ideas that you can use when writing the final report on the company. Some of the ways in which I conducted my research is by looking at the company’s website where there is detailed information regarding Aramco Company. By going through the company’s website, I managed to acquire information regarding its history, performances, line of products, employees, management team, finances, its affiliate organizations and several other information. At the same time, I decided to conduct further research on different articles in order to acquire different reviews and ideas that other individuals have about the organization. On the other hand, I decided to look for more information from journals and scholarly articles that address several issues concerning Aramco Company. The fact that the organization has been in operation for more than 80 years means that several articles and journal reviews has been written on it. It means that conducting research on the company was not difficult given that much has been written about it.

Research Analysis

1. Culture

Aramco Company is a mean oriented organization –a culture that the company applies all the year round because it resonates effectively with their vision. The main vision of the company is to remain committed to being the world leader in petroleum production with the aim of solving several underlying problems (Saudi Aramco, n.d). In order to achieve this vision, the company has been applying various innovative and entrepreneurial methods to power economic progress while at the same time improve its overall performance. The employees of Aramco identify with the “how” factor which has been driving them towards meeting the means and goals of the organization. Implementation of innovative methods is a way in which the company perceives itself to be avoiding any forms of risks that it may be facing.

2. The environment

Aramco’s main strategy has been to provide opportunities for the largest number of employees across the world. However, it ensures that all their employees are focused and engaged in different projects that are meaningful with the main aim of impacting the global scale. Aramco has, therefore, provided an environment which is conducive for their employees to facilitate an easygoing work discipline. The company has an easy going culture which provides room for surprises and improvising. Some of their cultures comprise of encouraging collaboration, accountability, management of hazards, giving power to individuals, and gratifying employee’s performances  (Saudi Aramco, n.d).This easy going culture makes it more appealing for any individual who is looking for a place to work; Aramco will provide them with performing professional individuals and teams.

3. Professional Organization

Regardless of the fact that Aramco has an easygoing work discipline, it maintains its professionalism as an organization. It means that the employees are determined by their profession or the content of their jobs. Since the goal of Aramco is that by the year 2020, it will still remain a leader in integrated energy and a vibrant energy sector which is competitive in the world, the organization ensures that it has the right kind of employees to help them achieve their vision and goals (Saudi Aramco, n.d). The employees are therefore long term directed while at the same time globally focused to make them unique. This is the reason Aramco encourages employee training and staff orientation to ensure that they are forever equipped with the right knowledge on their contributions towards the organization.

4. Communication strategy

Communication is an aspect of human interactions through conversations which can be oral while others use body language. In majority of organizations, communication among the employees is facilitated through knowledge sharing and social networking (Al-Shammari, A. & Musharraf, 2014). Aramco’s values an open communication strategy. It means that newcomers in the company are immediately welcome with the belief that any individual has the potential to fit in the organization. The open communication values have made Aramco to be successful and become the most respected organization in the world.

5. Employee-oriented

Aramco cares much about its employees because they are the reason for their excellence performance across the world. The organization makes certain that their employees obtain the kind of respect that they deserve. At the same time, they tend to their problems which make the staff members have a feeling of appreciation which is a motivational factor to them (Abdallah, 2007). The organization also takes care for their welfare even at the expense of the work. This makes Aramco one of the best companies to work as a professional.

6. Degree of identification

The employees of Aramco identify with the organization in high levels because of their values towards them. The organization has shown them much concern and responsibilities towards achieving their needs and demands. In this regard, they can strongly identify with internal goals of the company because of high levels of motivation. This enables them to work hard every day to meet all the company’s vision, mission and goals.

7. Organizational approach

Aramco Company’s main approaches include the application of innovative ideas to increase its performance in the field of petroleum production. At the same time, it aims at maintaining sustainability as a way to maintain stability while boosting economic growth in areas where it operates (Saudi Aramco, n.d). Lastly, Aramco’s approach of additional value is also eminent in its refining capacity globally.

8.  Organizational norms

Every organization has rules and regulations that every employee has to adhere to because that is their identity. In Aramco, an employee will have to adhere to dress code, organizational structure, location of work, and the Corporate Persona.

In conclusion, Aramco Company has succeeded and expanded its operations across the world because of its effective strategies and values that helps to boost their performance. Based on this research, one thing that resonated with me most is the organizational values towards the employees especially the ways in which they treat them with respect and care. In these regards, I would definitely work in this organization.


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