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Homework Question on Communication  Models of Implementing a Strategy

  1. In 2-3 thoughtful pages, discuss which of the tools/concepts/models you will use to help you in developing and implementing a communication strategy.
  2. Why do these tools stand out?

Homework Answer on Communication  Models of Implementing a Strategy

Communication models are classified based on how one defines and understand the concept of communication. Communication is essential in social, leadership and education needs. For instance, lack of effective communication of strategies and goals of an organization to the employees who have a critical role in the implementation could lead to failure of the plan.

The earlier models of communicating a strategy are linear and non-linear communication models. Linear communication is bi-directional, having both vertical and horizontal approaches. It covers the communication innovations by the media industries and leadership training institutions. With the advanced complexity of the media market structure, the management needs to develop a professional communication that will address the systematic approach of penetrating and succeeding in the integrated market.

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Similarly, teachers need a linear communications model to echo the learning objectives from a given study. Else, it becomes hard to inject productive participation of the learners.The linear model also helps the managers to develop predetermined approach of manipulating stakeholder to provide firsthand information about the company operation and marketing plans. This model enables the managers to act proactively to the organization changes through scanning the environment and detecting emerging activities that would hamper its growth and development.