Sample Communication Essay Paper on Interview Answers in Essay Format

Interview Answers in Essay Format

  1. Why are you a good candidate for this opportunity? 

            I am a favorite candidate for the Mars One mission because I am resilient. I set goals and missions and stick to them to fulfillment. In most situations, whether hard or uninhabitable by thoughts or actions, I am persistent to follow set goals while still remain productive. The Mars One O7 mission requires somebody with a personal drive and motivation to accomplish the mission. I believe with my resilience and persistence will make me a preferable candidate for the mission.

  • What skills do you bring to the table when it comes to conducting high-intensity work as a group?

            The skills I would present when conducting high intensity work as a group include the leadership, problem solving and organization skills. Being organized in actions and thoughts will help in the implementation or performance of the task within the given time frame. My problem solving and good negotiation skills will help me when dealing with conflicts that may arise in the performance of the high-intensity tasks as a group. This would ensure the focus is shifted and maintained on the high-intensity tasks. Besides, being a good problem-solver and negotiator will complement my leadership skill.

  • How comfortable are you with disagreement or conflict?

            I am receptive and respectful of other people’s opinion. People might have different views or perspectives regarding an issue. I analyze the given opinions and look for applicable stances to be integrated in the final proposal or resolve. It is normal to disagree, but being receptive will make the contentious issue solvable and the disagreeing partner(s) work on a way out to find a feasible solution.

  • If you were working on a team that was experiencing conflict, how would you handle the situation?

            When working on a team experiencing conflict, the first thing to do is to calm the situation down to bring sanity. Then give each partner a chance to explain his or her point of view or perspective on the given issue. I will then note down the key concepts that are antagonizing and the ones being supported by the partners. On the antagonizing concepts or perspectives, I will find the similar or at least similar points and use them to formulate a consensus. I will then present the formulated consensus to the group and try to reconcile their perspectives. The review of the consensus will be done of the team still holds on to the conflict. I will then demand a declaration to uphold the agreement from the partners or team. Implementation of the agreement will follow suit and any future revisions on the agreement will be by consensus.

  • What are some other important things the decision committee should know about you when making their decision? 

            The decision committee should understand that I am critical about any issue or action. Any inappropriate measure or action in a given contentious situation usually diminishes the trust I have for them quickly and may remove my determination to uphold or sustain an agreement about a given situation.

The decision committee should also know that I have high regards for professionalism as it promotes the advancement of the general goals regarding a given field. Professionalism is based upon facts and proven researches and methods especially in finding a consensus about a contentious issue or implementing the best possible alternative available.