Sample Communication Essay Paper on Development Communication, Popular Pleasure and Media Convergence

Reaction Paper

            One of the primary theories of communication development is the cultural imperialism approach. The model claims that the governing bodies directed affect the culture of the weaker individuals by using the mass media as a weapon. The other approach of communication development is the participatory theory that usually deals with the impacts of the dominant powers on the average individuals through the process of vertical diffusion. While cultural imperialism theory focuses on the capability of the dominant structures to impact global economics and cultures, the participatory approach seeks to describe an individual’s power to influence the world and explore strategies of positive growth and development.

The cultural imperialism of a given group by another is generally based on the assumption of a capitalist function. Essentially, the mass media uses propaganda to regulate and impact the target audience for the political and economic gains of the governing authorities (Cupples, 2015). The cultural imperialism theory boosts an individual’s comprehension of cultural interactions and the significance of the mass media within the commercial and aid efforts.

            Participatory communication theory mainly focuses on the effects of the people on mass communication, and it primarily emphasizes the third world’s development. The theory entails being the center of humanity, having an identity, and possessing a sense of belonging in a given group. Therefore, the approach is a significant requirement for growth and success (McPhail, 2009). The participatory approach emphasizes collaboration among societal members to collectively sustain the goals, norms, and beliefs.     

            Participatory and cultural imperialism are theories of communication. Both theories were introduced to boost modernization and allow effective communication in societies to foster growth and development.


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