Sample Communication Essay Paper on Communication Quotes

To the Selection Committee of SJSU General Scholarship,

My name is …, a communication major, and I am writing to apply for the SJSU General Scholarship. I would like to thank San Jose State University for the scholarship program that supports college bound students by providing financial assistance. I also wish to be among the beneficiaries. I always strive for academic excellence and spend time on extracurricular activities including volunteer experiences. In addition, I have been working part time as an online English tutor, which has enabled me to provide for my basic needs at school. Next semester, this scholarship would be important since my tutoring contract will end this month.

As a well-rounded student, my interests span across academic and extracurricular activities. While in high school, I was a columnist for our pop culture school magazine and later became a senior editor due to my passion and proficiency in the English language. I also participated in the school choir and belonged to a band. Despite these involvements, I managed to score good grades, which enabled me join San Jose State University. In campus, I help other students, particularly the non-native English speakers with basic grammar concepts and other communication-related issues.

I work part-time for approximately 30 hours a week as an online tutor for non-native English speakers looking to join American Universities. This job has sharpened my skill not only in grammar but also communication. It has also given me the opportunity to market our college to students from other continents. Even though I work 30 hours per week, am keen on time management to ensure I do not stray off course here at school.

This scholarship is an incredible opportunity that I intend to seize wholeheartedly to advance my career in communication. I am looking forward to work as a SJSU college alumni or development officer. As an alumni officer, my responsibility will be to evaluate and meet various interests of SJSU alumni groups to maintain connection to their alma mater. The development officer position will enable me to connect prospective donors to the college. James Humes once said, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” (Goodreads). With my communication skills, I will be able to effectively perform these leadership roles. This is how I plan to give back to the SJSU community. I hope that this committee gives me the chance to fulfill this dream by awarding me the $1000 scholarship.



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