Sample Communication Essay Paper on Career Autobiography

I consider myself a straightforward person and empathetic. Growing up in an average family with both the support of the parents and guidance of older siblings, I came to appreciate family unity/ bonding and the togetherness that it offers in terms of both emotional and physical growth. As brothers and sisters, our parents encouraged us to offer assistance to each other and be the protector of one another. I have carried the same culture in my social life, and both my closest friends and acquaintances know that they can trust me and even depend on me in case they need help. This has helped me develop a positive social connection with most of my friends and in any environment; I find it easier to associate with others. Being both a trustworthy and loyal friend are some of the characters that I would like to retain as my main characters. There is no change in my personal character and personality I would want to make.

Growing up being a lawyer looked like the best career ever, and it was my dream to be one in the future. The smartly dressed lawyers and the way they carried themselves on television while representing their client was a huge fascination. Collecting the evidence to save the lives of their clients from being sentenced seemed like a good practice that I would love to do. However, over the years, I came to learn more about being a lawyer and what it means to practice law, and it was not what I expected. I came to realize I was more of a practical individual and wanted to be more hands-on and available for more than one area of the workplace.

My current career is in some ways defined by my personality and the upbringing I had. My family was involved in various programs, mostly charity aimed at helping the unable within the community. It was a worthy cause and being the reason for bringing a smile to others became one of the major reasons I made a change in perception about the career I want to partake. The many times I took part in community drives and other support groups helped me see some of the issues that the community as a whole is undergoing and start thinking of solutions that can even help if not all then only a few. Together with my family, we facilitated fundraising and set up a shelter home where some of the homeless spend during the nights. Being part of this project was a great lesson to my personality and perception of personal career and growth.

My ambition in my career is to be a force of change both in the workplace and outside the workplace. People are in need of assistance in various ways and being able to offer help shows kindness that many are lacking and others are in need of in this generation. Helping others builds on personal perception of the world and helps eliminate the differences that affect relationships among individuals (Stillman II 26). From a personal perspective, people in my personal life have constantly strived to push me towards attaining kinship/ friendship and study/ work aspects of the lifestyle triangle. Friendship has been emphasized since it helps build on my personal network and social development. Study/ work have been emphasized as it gives me the exposure to the different processes and systems within my environment. These two aspects continue to build on my personal ability to be a better person and professional.

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